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Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 14:53

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The Horses

image of horse's physical attributes
The horses' physical attributes.
image of pedigree
A pedigree.
image of interface to work with horses
The interface to work horses.

The virtual horses on E-R have a variety of observable physical traits such as strength and stamina. The horses require work to reveal their full potential, in the form of exercise and training. They also have visually observable traits like major conformation faults and different gaits.

Their traits affect every aspect of the horses' lives from their ability to learn to their talent in competition to their results in breeding.

These traits are all the result of inherited simulated genetics. Unlike many horse games that utilize simplistic "faux genetics" whereby a trait is passed as a whole unit, E-R has a complex and sophisticated genetics engine. This proprietary genetics engine simulates a multitude of real life conditions such as genetic linkage, filial regression, quantitative traits, inbreeding and outbreeding depression, and the polygenetic inheritance of many traits like in real life. This allows for exciting things such as traits that can skip generations and pop up seemingly "out of the blue" and outliers that cannot reproduce themselves. This makes knowing bloodlines incredibly important on E-R. Thus the pedigree becomes a very useful tool for the serious breeder in planning matings.

Because our intricately designed genetics engine is so sophisticated and designed to imitate life, E-R offers the most realistic breeding experience of any horse game currently on the market. While several horse games released after E-R have gone on to include genetics for color and pattern, E-R is still the leader in having a multitude of physical traits that are all genetic and inherited. No other horse game can provide the same quality of experience and genuine feel when it comes to simulating breeding that E-R can.

The horses being created from complex genetics that control all aspects of their being allows some horses to be superior producers to others. This makes the importance of the pedigree very obvious.

Unlike most horse games where "training" amounts nothing more than clicking a button at a set interval of time which simply adds a set amount to a single number stored in the database, E-R offers a very realistic training simulation system. The game horses are designed to learn various tasks. Their capacity to learn is individual and based on several genetic factors such as trainability and temperament as well external factors such as the quality of their foundation training.

Your skills as a trainer can help or hinder your horse's progress and the outcome for it in the competition world.

Choosing what to train a horse in is a skill that a good trainer excels at. Because the horses' talents are based on their genetics, not every horse can do just anything and excel. It takes skill to evaluate their abilities and train them appropriately to their talents. (It also takes skill to breed for those talents that are desired.) Again the pedigree can be an invaluable tool, and can help a sage trainer choose what to pursue with an individual horse.

The sessioning interface allows you to control exactly what your horse is worked in each game day if you choose to work your horse yourself. You can exercise, groom, or train through this interface. Training options for everything from basic ground training to highly specific moves for discipline training are available for you to choose from.

The Image System

Equine-Ranch boasts one of the most powerful dynamic image creation systems ever seen in a horse simulation. It generates a unique image for each horse born in the game based on their genetics.

There are over 185.5 septillion possible expressions of coat color and pattern, but it doesn't stop there! E-R's image system is the first of its kind, with dynamic conformation as well as dynamic color! See the physical traits your horse inherited. See its build and height dynamically portrayed in its images.

Yes! These horses are ALL chestnut. This is a very small sampling of the possible 37,500 ways chestnut can be expressed taken from the chestnut horses born on E-R. It illustrates the wide variety seen in the game, giving the horses their own unique appearance.

The incredible variety possible with our dynamic image creation system provides for a very realistic experience when breeding. Seeing your foals for the first time is always a moment of excitement and anticipation because you don't know exactly what they will look like until they are born. Watch them grow, shed their foal coat, and develop their final conformation over time! This also helps immersion and makes the horses feel more real because each one is an individual.

You can view more stunning examples of the variety of colors and patterns, and conformation seen on E-R in our Game Horses photo album on Facebook where we feature gorgeous examples of the horses born in the game.

Examples of Foals

image of foals

Examples of Chestnuts

image of chestnut virtual horses

Examples of Conformation

image of virtual horses conformation

The Eventing System

image of event interface
The event interface.
image of discipline guide
Example from the Discipline Guide.
image of discipline guide
Example from the Top 100 Horses lists.

Equine-Ranch has a complex and vast eventing system that allows you to participate in any of eleven disciplines that you choose. Focus on one discipline, or a specific class, or crosstrain for multiple classes or disciplines.

While most horse games only include a handful of disciplines or even just generic classes you can compete in, Equine-Ranch hosts events for a wide variety of disciplines. Included in the game are:

  • English
  • Western
  • Gaited
  • Dressage
  • Flat Racing
  • Harness Racing
  • Steeplechase
  • Rodeo
  • Draft
  • Endurance
  • Three Day Event

Each discipline includes multiple classes you can choose from. For example in Western you may choose form the following classes:

  • Pleasure
  • Halter (Conformation)
  • Pleasure Driving
  • Reining
  • Trail
  • 1/4 Mile Sprint

You are free to compete in one or all of the classes in any discipline, but each class has its own requirements for training and physical attributes. The type of horse and training needed to excel in reining are very different from those required in pleasure which makes excelling in them all next to impossible, just like real life.

Finding your way to the Top Competitors or Top Breeders lists can be quite challenging. Manuevering your horses onto the Top 100 Horses lists takes skill and dedication, as a breeder, a trainer, and as a competitor.

The judging system on E-R is very complex. Where most horse games have simplistic scoring, E-R's system scores the horses on a wide variety of factors. Their performance is influenced by how fit they are, how well they are trained, how old they are, and several other factors such as their conformation faults and natural gaits.